Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are you raising a Hater?

I feel that I have the right to soundly spank all the Republicans who protested President Obama's address to our school children. Why? As much as I disliked the policies of the Presidents Bush (notice the fact that I refrained from calling them any names), I still must respect the office he represents. If the tables were turned and a republican President currently sat in that chair, you would NEVER see me questioning an address to my son or his classmates from the leader of our country. I may later question his policies in our home, but if he chose to speak to the school, I would not keep my child from hearing it. His speech contained nothing political, only a positive message about education. Regardless of your personal beliefs about his political policies and actions, he is still the leader of our country and by leading a protest against this speech; you participated in a message of intolerance. Is that the lesson you are teaching your children- to disrespect every word that comes from people who do not share your views? Do you make sure that teachers tell your kids to disregard and disrespect the leader of our country in their school work? Does that mean you closely examine the views which are put forward every day by every teacher your child comes in contact with? Do you interrogate the parents of every one of your kid’s playmates to make sure they are exactly like you?

Intolerance leads to hate. There is no other way to put it. People will always have different opinions. That does not make them bad people, just different. This is a lesson I have taught my son every day of his life. Can you say the same? Different is good. Without it we would all be gray blobs, clones that don’t need to have any variety in any facet of their lives.

Can you imagine how the world would really look? Stores filled with the same food, the same clothes, the same books, and the same products. There would only be one church- that means you would likely have to give yours up. It would mean a homogenized world of sameness that would instantly ostracize and punish you for any variation.

It would mean disrespect of all people, including adults, who spoke any words that did not exist in your vocabulary. It would mean no innovation, no invention, and a halt to technological advances.

Sorry, but my son will respect his elders and his fellow man, regardless of whether he agrees with everything they believe in. Are you teaching your children to be haters? Learn and teach them the policy of “agree to disagree” as a way to solve problems. Perhaps then can you follow what your religion has told you all along- love one another as yourself. Get it? I really hope so.

Keeping it sharp,


Friday, August 28, 2009

Steele Universe

Two times in the last few months I have attempted to begin a blog. Both times I failed at keeping it up. As they say, the third time is the smack on the head with a clown hammer. I have looked around my area for a new writers group and have come up empty. So, guess what? You are it! If you are ready, then let's go.

The first thing you will notice about this blog is the bizzaro picture. Yes, it is my eyeball. I took a shot from the Hubble space telescope and used photo suite to insert it into the pupil. Why did I choose this picture to represent my blog? As cliché as it may sound, the eyes ARE the windows to the soul.

I have spent a lot of time the last week gazing up at the stars. Having procured a puppy for my son on the weekend after school started, the task of crate training has fallen to me. Of course this means hauling my sleepy ass out to let her tinkle every two hours. The happy side affect of this tortuous routine has been many hours of thoughtful reflection while pondering the vastness of the universe….and cursing the dog of course.

It boggles the mind to consider that every one of those tiny dots holds secrets we have yet to learn. Do the laws of physics that we are so hung up on even apply out there? Some say definitely, but I say life is not black and white. It is always a mysterious shade of glimmering silver. I say to those who doubt the endless possiblities- we used to believe with great conviction that the world was flat. Nuff said.

This brings me full circle to the reason I have titled my blog as I have. There are two reasons. The first is that, in my former radio life, I went by the name Martha Steele.

I chose this at the time because I had a girly crush on Pierce Brosnan who was starring in the show, Remmington Steele. The reason I have chosen to use it again all these years later, is that it still suits me all these years later, but for much different reasons.

If you were to describe my personality, my philosophy, and my past, they have all been varying shades of gray. I have chosen, instead of seeing gray as a negative to ad some sparkle and embrace it. Perfection? Pahhhh! I love being flawed because it is what has made me a unique member of the human race.

So there you have it, two explanations, both strange, and tied up neatly with a bow.  Admit it, you thought I was just rambling randomly!

Keeping it Sharp,