Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are you raising a Hater?

I feel that I have the right to soundly spank all the Republicans who protested President Obama's address to our school children. Why? As much as I disliked the policies of the Presidents Bush (notice the fact that I refrained from calling them any names), I still must respect the office he represents. If the tables were turned and a republican President currently sat in that chair, you would NEVER see me questioning an address to my son or his classmates from the leader of our country. I may later question his policies in our home, but if he chose to speak to the school, I would not keep my child from hearing it. His speech contained nothing political, only a positive message about education. Regardless of your personal beliefs about his political policies and actions, he is still the leader of our country and by leading a protest against this speech; you participated in a message of intolerance. Is that the lesson you are teaching your children- to disrespect every word that comes from people who do not share your views? Do you make sure that teachers tell your kids to disregard and disrespect the leader of our country in their school work? Does that mean you closely examine the views which are put forward every day by every teacher your child comes in contact with? Do you interrogate the parents of every one of your kid’s playmates to make sure they are exactly like you?

Intolerance leads to hate. There is no other way to put it. People will always have different opinions. That does not make them bad people, just different. This is a lesson I have taught my son every day of his life. Can you say the same? Different is good. Without it we would all be gray blobs, clones that don’t need to have any variety in any facet of their lives.

Can you imagine how the world would really look? Stores filled with the same food, the same clothes, the same books, and the same products. There would only be one church- that means you would likely have to give yours up. It would mean a homogenized world of sameness that would instantly ostracize and punish you for any variation.

It would mean disrespect of all people, including adults, who spoke any words that did not exist in your vocabulary. It would mean no innovation, no invention, and a halt to technological advances.

Sorry, but my son will respect his elders and his fellow man, regardless of whether he agrees with everything they believe in. Are you teaching your children to be haters? Learn and teach them the policy of “agree to disagree” as a way to solve problems. Perhaps then can you follow what your religion has told you all along- love one another as yourself. Get it? I really hope so.

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  1. Any given POTUS may be a "leader", but in our republic he's not a King. If the people and the Congress won't follow him, he's not a leader. This POTUS is failing miserably even with his own party.

    If any POTUS came to our daughter's Christian school we would be honored and would encourage her to attend and listen respectfully. But this President has made 113 public speeches since his coronation, so our daughter hasn't suffered for a lack of exposure to him. Her school chose not to show it and our daughter didn't care to watch it on YouTube--she downloaded and read the speech instead.

    This conservative family yelled at Dubya when he waffled on the border, caved on steel tariffs, called Islam a "religion of peace' and--ESPECIALLY--when he empowered the Fed to bail out Wall Street. We likewise yell back at the TV when B. Hussein Obama (notice the fact that I refrained from calling him names) lies repeatedly about illegals getting gov't care, abortion not being funded, medical costs not going up and--ESPECIALLY--the Pork-ulus bill.

    What do you mean by "intolerance"? When an elected official repeatedly lies (note how last night BOH suddenly reduced the number of un-insured from 47 to 30 million), is it wrong to tell our child he's lying? We will not withhold taxes, we do not advocate violent overthrow of the U.S. government and we recognize that elections have consequences. How are we hating, exactly?

  2. Sorry that Wayne missed your point. I however, agreed whole heartedly. I know that some simply disagree with the prsident's policies...but what I am seeing and what I find questionable is the volume and quantity of hateful speech being conducted on blogs, talk shows and in public about Obama. There is a distinction between not liking someone's ideas and not liking the person. These ongoing rants call Obama alternately a Socialist, a Communist,A terrorist, a Muslim, A Fascist, The Anti-Christ...liar is the mildest one I've heard. To say its his policies that brought this on is inaccurate. These diatribes started the day he took office and have only continued to get worse. There is more to this blind hatred than politics for some, it has to be race.
    While Wayne refrained from calling names he made sure to use President Obama's middle name....a clear reference to his African father and his ancestors' Muslim faith....

    Its getting old, its getting ridiculous and its starting to get many people disgusted with those who use these tactics. Its not unlike the boy who cried wolf.....

    There is NO provision in any part of the health care bill for illegal immigrants. In fact it states clearly that they will not receive care. The fact they do now is not the fault of this he did not lie.
    Somewhere else today someone posted that Obama lied about wanting to send troops to Afghanistan....yet a Boston Globe article from early 2008 clearly quotes Obama as saying he would take troops from Iraq and send then to lie...

    He was born in Hawaii ( his birth cert looks EXACTLY like my niece and nephew's certs who were both born at the same hosp as Obama)
    He is not Muslim, and Islam is as peaceful a religion as Christianity....both have provisions for helping each other and loving one another...its the followers of each religion that give it a bad name.
    He did not create the economic crisis.
    He passed just as many stimulus bills as Bush.
    There are no "death panels" ....

    So who are the ones not telling the truth here?